More Brits Intend To Go Abroad Despite Crisis

More Brits Intend To Go Abroad Despite Crisis

As the current climate draws in colder days and nights, more Brits are in search for a getaway holiday despite the current economic crisis.

According to new research by Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance, 28 per cent of Brits are still planning to book a holiday by the end of February 2009 with an approximate amount of ?881.83 spent on a ticket per person.

Manager Sam Marrs of Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance, said: “It’s really encouraging to see that people are still planning to get away despite the credit crunch, which just shows the importance of a holiday to the British public.

However, as a bid to save money, not all holidaymakers are intending to purchase adequate travel insurance for their trip.

Say yes to travel insurance to save money

“When booking a break though, it’s imperative that people don’t see travel insurance as merely an add-on – they need to ensure that they have comprehensive cover so that if the worst does happen, they will be looked after properly and not out of pocket,” added Marrs.

Research from Esure insurance had revealed that one out of five skiers who went on skiing trips this year had not been protected with travel insurance.

According to figures from the study, nearly 400,000 Brits are in jeopardy of facing large costs for medical expenses as a consequence of not being insured.

Five per cent of skiers wrongly believe that their European Health Insurance card can be a replacement for travel insurance.

Yet the card only covers medical costs and does not cover the cost of getting to hospital as does travel insurance.

The insurer had warned that evacuation costs via helicopter alone can reach up to 1,500 while repatriation can cost up to 4000 to 8000.

Mike Pickard, head of travel insurance at Esure, said: “No matter what your level of competency on the slopes, accidents do happen and huge medical bills can easily rack up.

It’s crucial to ensure you’re fully covered with quality insurance that includes specific winter sports cover.”

Winter sports cover

Winter sports cover is additional travel insurance for skiers, snow-boarders and for others who take part in winter sports.

The special travel insurance can be bought separately and provides extra cover for those taking part in dangerous activities.

Esure had advised holidaymakers not to solely rely upon standard travel insurance as this will not cover winter sports unless stated otherwise.

Obtaining travel insurance should now become simpler as firms offering travel insurance are under tough rules to stop insurers ‘misleading’ customers after research from Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance found that customers are ‘mislead’ on travel insurance from travel agents.

Insurance made easier

Yet under the new FSA rules, customers will now be given the ?best advice? for insurance and ensure that it meets their requirements as travel agents may no longer be able to make commission from selling inadequate travel insurance products for customers.

Marrs said: “Our research shows that up to as many as 8.1 million people could have bought insurance from travel agents over the past 12 months and the new regulation will provide consumers with valuable much needed protection.”